Ncc-1701-A Enterprise


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Outstanding! I look forward to that!
The best version of the Enterprise and the best model 3D printed model of it I've seen.
I think one of the reason is:
People are not able to sell these copyrighted models so they can’t spend a lot money/time to model them and print them, right?

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From a legal standpoint, I'd imagine copyright etc would come into play.
Then again, look at garage kits. Do the makers of these kits go through the whole process of approval, before selling/distributing their goods.
Not being a solicitor, I wouldn't know much about it-apart from what I've read.
People post/share their creations on sites like Thingiverse all the time. If copyright was such a huge issue, that site would be gone overnight.
At the end of the day,it all boils down to money.


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So, if one day I hope to print the 15 parts of this Enterprise model, and sell them on this forum. Do you think it’s OK or not?

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