Nautolan Smuggler Build


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I've been aching to do a non-canon build from the Star Wars Underworld and had plenty of unused pieces from other projects. Initially I figured I'd do a twi'lek but there are so many twi'lek out there I wanted to try something a bit different that still had an alien quality to it. I ended up deciding upon the Nautolan and have played around a bit with different options for fabrication of the tentacles. I'll be using some sort of headpiece as opposed to do doing a full cowl and face appliance, but will definitely need to fabricate something for the rather distinct eyes.

I'll update as I make progress!

Just as a caution: I grabbed the Rubies Kit Fisto mask with the intent of using parts of it as a base and suggest you avoid it. Not only could I fit two of me in the cavernous noggin space, but the eyes are a light orange tint (as opposed to the black in the photos) and the tentacles are completely flat.


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