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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by mandybat, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. mandybat

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    I realise this is not prop related and will probably be moved to the off topic section where I will not be able to track it but I was SO impressed by this guys work that I had to post.
    I AM NOT WORTHY. :love
    Perhaps if we all contacted him he would agree to doing a how-to ?..
    (and YES it is a sculpt.)life-like 3d portrait
  2. streetjudge79

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  3. phase pistol

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    Nahh, it's so obvious... he cut that guy's head off. :lol
  4. Jedifyfe

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    It looks like he photoshoped the neck area. And the eyes look to be different in each photo. I think this is a real guy just photoshoped to look like a sculpture.
  5. propsculptor

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    That's Kazuhiro Tsuji known as Kazu at Rick Baker's shop, he's an awesome sculptor, painter, make-up artist, and since he came here from Japan he's worked mostly non-stop.
    He's a realy nice guy I met him at the Make-up Artist Tradeshow a couple of years ago.

    A few years ago he did a larger than life size Dick Smith (Make-up Artist for The Exorcist) Silicone bust.

    Here's a pic of Kazu on the right with the Real Dick Smith on the far left,
    and the bust I mentioned in the center:
  6. phase pistol

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    My mind is having trouble processing that Dick Smith pic... :confused

    But in a good way. :lol

    - k
  7. Durasteel Corporation

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    yeah photoshopped....send money ??? :unsure
  8. Boba Frett

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    :eek Wow
  9. cking

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    It's not photoshopped. I used to have larger, hi-res shots of this (and many other pieces of Kazu's work). It's just incredible. He did the mask / make-up for Jim Carrey in the Grinch and he also did the Thade mask for Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. He's a nice guy but the language barrier at the time caused a few problems between us. I NEARY commissioned Han, Luke and Leia full size head sculpts with him and he quoted me $2000 for each one. I thought that was an excellent price so called him up to finalise the deal. It was only then, in that phone call that he realised he'd made a mistake with his US Dollar amounts and he actually wanted to charge $20,000 for them ($6,666 each).
    Needless to say, I made the decision not to proceed with the project.

  10. mandybat

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    If I had money he'd be the first to get it.......well after my bank......and the kids need hell.


    d'ya think he could use a new kidney?...I could do a trade :confused
  11. Gruson

    Gruson Well-Known Member

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    Very impressive.

    Chris, it's only $20,000. They would be incredible.
  12. propsculptor

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    His work IS very impressive, I saw the Dick Smith Bust at the Make-up Tradeshow
    and it looked great up close.. If I find my digital Photos I'll post them here.

    If I could afford him I'd hire Kazu in a second. :D

  13. temponaut

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    I dunno. He got the color of the shirt totally wrong... :D

    When I saw the shots of the first bust, I, too, wondered if it was an actual head, Photoshopped. You can see the downy hairs on the guy's cheeks.

    If it truly is a sculpt, then Kazu's work is some of the most amazing I've ever seen. :eek I mean, he's got RPF members debating whether it's real.

    If anyone has further pictures, please put 'em up.
  14. Riv

    Riv Well-Known Member

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    That is soooo..... creepy. :confused

    But amazing as well.

    And yeah, the Dick Smith photo was really hard for my brain to process. :lol

    I wonder what kind of reference he needs for these kind of projects? Live model? Super-high-rez photos?

    As much as I'd love, say, a Princess Leia bust from him, I think I might be too disturbed to actually display it. Too lifelife.
  15. Gojira61

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    Yeah.....amazing but creepy as well. :confused

    So, what would it be like to have one of these of yourself just sitting around the livingroom in a case?


    SFPROPS Well-Known Member

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    Processing the photo in my head is tough.

    Crunching the numbers as to how much it would cost to actually make that bust in materials...without some studio footing the bill, is what boggles the mind. :lol

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