Narin Death Warrior Complete

John Hircock

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Hey Boys and Girls

Finally finished the Death Warrior #81 by Narin. This is simply one of the most incredible kits you will find. The level of detail and the amount of work is almost overwelming. Couple of things, I never liked the giant spear the kit came with, it always appeared unbalanced so i decided to scrap the bulky piece and simply attach the blade to the handle. I also forgot to pre-drill for the porkupine quills i had odered off e-bay and ended up going without. I would like to thank Joe Dunaway of Kitbuilders Magazine, his website was a true inspiration and referance tool. Have a Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for looking.




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John... I'll tell ya... It really looks great! It's different than any of the other buildups I've seen, and your take on the piece is fantastic! I love the brighter/warm colored tones on the aliens, and the skullwork you did on the domes is just... I mean, you're just showing off! I really like the direction of the eyes, too, the direction he's looking. It really makes him look intense on this piece. It's just great work! Are the metallics acryllics or enamels? They've got such a nice luster to them.

It looks great, as always my friend! It almost makes me wish I could paint another one! Almost... lol

Always eager to see more of your work, I feel like I learn something new every time.
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