Limited Run Nari Lightsaber Replica (Kenobi EP1)


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Project Hangman - Nari Lightsaber Replica

Opening a Limited Run for my Nari lightsaber replica project in the very near future. I've already announced this on my Facebook page as well but figured it would be good to share here for folks that don't frequent Facebook much.

Nari, the Jedi that was hanged in Episode 1 of Obi-Wan Kenobi briefly shows his hilt in the show during a very dark scene but we were graced with this wonderful shot of the prop by the actor, Benny Safdie.

Reference Material:
From twitter

Desert scene

Lightened and tweaked to bring out more details, to me the emitter center looks to be polished brass and so that's what we've gone with on our design

I've analyzed these photos and drawn up the CAD for this hilt then had a couple prototypes made in collaboration with Jawa's Junkyard




Some Tweaks:
There are some items we want to adjust still, the lower button color is a bit too dark, some lengths on various sections a hair too long, and the polished areas are a bit too polished (this is not chromed, just polished steel here) but I'll be doing a final review and tweak on the design then opening orders on my website.

Run Numbers and Pricing:
I plan to offer 90 aluminum units and 10 steel units, capping the run at 100 units total.

Aluminum units will retail for $250

Steel units will retail for $425

We will require a 50% deposit to be placed to secure a spot in the run, final 50% is due upon manufacturing completion.

Items to be included:

  • Hilt (obviously)
  • Powder coated and smoked acrylic control box cover plates
  • Brass and acrylic blade plug
  • Collectors box and tooling (hex keys/bolts)
  • Number steel plaque and certificate of authenticity
These are fully FX compatible, with 1" blade socket, and options for illuminated control box if desired.

My prototype should be in my hands within a couple weeks, after which I'll make final adjustments, open orders, and send off for production. Estimated production timeline is roughly 4 months barring any unforeseen delays, then an additional month to perform quality control, packing, and shipping to customers.

Collectors Box:


Thank you and MTFBWY!


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Hangman orders open July 15th @ 4PM Pacific!

Link Here: Hangman Empty Hilt

We are hard capping this run at 100 total units, 90 aluminum and 10 steel.

Full prototype breakdown for those interested is below!

Prototype Photos:






Additionally, we've produced a custom PCB for this hilt that replaces the bargraph seen on other clan hilts. This PCB is currently being manufactured and we are selling them separately in my shop here: Hangman PCB


Hangman Prototype Review Breakdown

Our prototype for the Hangman hilt run has arrived. We've done a full examination of the dimensions, finishes, and fit of everything and were quite pleased. There are a few things we are going to adjust for the final product. In the spirit of full transparency and because it's just fun to share these details with everyone here is a breakdown.

1. The overall length seemed a bit longer than the original prop from what we could see, we've examined the prototype at different angles and compared it in hand against the original prop image and targeted a few locations to remove some length to improve both the overall length as well as the proportions to better match the prop.

2. For the Steel Edition units, due to the added thickness powder coating adds to a part we've decided to have the greeblies, covertec, and control box machined from aluminum and anodized. Anodized aluminum is a much more resilient and thin surface treatment than powder coating and can still provide good color matching.

The Aluminum Edition units will be all machined 6061 aluminum (except the brass accent on the emitter) and anodized where appropriate.

3. On the prototype you may notice the greeblies below the control box stick out a bit from the hilt, this appears to be an issue with the threads turned in the prototype and we are ensuring they will sit flush against the hilt on the final product.

4. The finish on the prototype is very high polished steel. We are looking knock this polish down a bit on the final as we believe it doesn't accurately match the finish on the prop. It will be cleaner than machine finish but not a mirror polish either. Less of a fingerprint magnet!

Aside from these items we were extremely pleased with the look and feel of this hilt! It's a beautiful piece and will likely make a fine addition to anyone's collection!



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