Namor the Sub-Mariner


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Alongside my BvS;DoJ Tim Drake Robin, I am also making a Namor costume.

nf_xJ42_.jpg T8dsBa9S.jpg
I will be making the leggings out of black knit ribbed fabric for its stretch. It will be stopping about mid-calf, like shown in the picture but will be flat black with little to no detail.

The wings will be made of craft foam and will be covered in a layer of feathers, I have no idea how I'm gonna attach them to my ankle.

The key piece to this cosplay will be made from a mix of craft foam, worbla and other things. Im pretty sure I'll just free hand it but if anyone has a pep file for it or anything close, it'd be greatly appreciated.


8gF6Ni5-.jpg F3xlAUW6.jpg
I wouldn't want to waste any worbla (considering how expensive it is) on the little details, specially considering there is close to none, on the gauntlets and belt. Both will be made out of a simple free-hand pattern out of craft foam and will be sealed seamless with rubber caulking.

The belt will be the same pictured above, the gauntlets, however, will go up to mid-forearm (like the first picture), but will have the cuff detailing (shown in the second picture).

The vest will be made from a quilted fabric to get the texture shown in the picture. It won't be tucked into the belt and will just be a free vest.

I have a month to get this done and will be making this costume alongside 2 others, wish me luck :)


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Awesome, I've been thinking of making my own Namor for quite a bit now. Really, I'm just waiting to see if I feel like my physique can pull it off. Good luck with the build!


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Awesome, I've been thinking of making my own Namor for quite a bit now. Really, I'm just waiting to see if I feel like my physique can pull it off. Good luck with the build!

There is a huge shortage of Namor cosplayers, and I feel a character who's been around for so long and is so BAMF deserves a few more, I say go for it. I honestly picked Namor because he fits my build and all, but I don't think cosplay should be limited to your body type, if you like a character, go be that character. Otherwise, it takes a hell of a lot of work, but oh so worth it.


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The gauntlets almost done, just need the top cuff and to seal the seams, after all that's left is paint and I'll move onto the wings.
IMG_0397.JPG IMG_0398.JPG


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IMG_0445.JPG IMG_0443.JPG IMG_0447.JPG
It only took only 1 and a half classes to make these leggings (taken from a trouser pattern I use for slim fit suit pants but tailored down to fit my couture). Wasted more fabric than I'd like to admit slimming them down. So comfortable, now I understand why all the girls I go to highschool with always wear leggings and yoga pants. SUPER stretchy so during the con I can get really super-heroic. I would've made this with a more reflective/scale-like fabric, but I worked with what I had. If I ever do a second take on this costume or a Marvel-NOW version, I'll spend a little more cash on a dye-sub and scale-mail.

I have changed my mind about using worbla because it's hella expensive, so I'm gonna try my hand at foam instead. As for updates, I found a broomstick I'm gonna use as the main body. That's about as interesting as that gets.

Been at it for about 2 and a half years at 95 lbs, currently at 150 lbs. Seeing as Namor has always been depicted as shirtless, I found it fitting. Here's a Namor like pose.

- - - Updated - - -

Also, how do images???


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Since many venues won't allow you to be bare foot, you should look into Stickysandals. Gives the illusion of barefeet.

Great idea! Currently scouring the internet trying to find a cheap, disposable pair. So far, no dice. Do you have any experience with these?
This really saves me the hassle of going to some surf store, buying a pair of flip flops and taking them off and on during the con, so I really appreciate the help.


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Ebay sells 10 pair of disposable ones for 10 bucks plus 3.50 S&H. The Sticky Sandal Site sell 1 pair reusable ones for 10.00 plus S&H. So for About 13. 00 bucks you can either ! pair reusable or 10 pair disposable. This is the cheapeast I could find.
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