Nak's (Mabieknots) Burning Godzilla 2015

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    So Some have seen this already on facebook and at Dragoncon 2015, sunday night.

    Check out our other things here:

    So to start, I (we) were simply asked by a good friend (Josh) whether or not I could make a full godzilla suit, based on the Burning godzilla (vs Destroyah). Essentially he premised it, with "if you build it, i will get it to dragoncon"

    I found a paper model book, in japanese (cant remember where, and im not sure i am supposed to share it anyway) that had an interesting design, but it was all PDF and missing a page or two, but I decided to try to use that as a base.

    I did some math on paper and transferred a grid to each page of the book.

    After scaling up all the parts onto upholstery foam using the grid, scaled up to 1" blocks on the foam, i hand copied the lines from the book to the foam.

    11988184_1075840515759962_5445123585426978531_n.jpg 11046565_1075840455759968_6645224538435702231_n.jpg
    I started with the head, not much construction pix here, but its all put together with high temp hot melt.

    11987036_1075839275760086_7255476412007381283_n.jpg 12002202_1075839325760081_4832910171850012458_n.jpg 12003019_1075838899093457_7096569298995996365_n.jpg 12004824_1075839089093438_2606715245905319664_n.jpg
    I then moved onto the main construction of the body.

    10603764_1072372579440089_5271707090834954489_n.jpg 11137164_1072246729452674_4775325808775528266_n.jpg 11895998_1072372599440087_5523778277281973732_n.jpg

    You can see my gridding here on these parts, as I am putting together the torso.

    12002796_1075838605760153_5046481474400605614_n.jpg 12004004_1075838715760142_7419627504109583220_n.jpg
    Just some more lower abdomen parts for sizing reference.
    I didnt get too many of the feet, but here is a shot, the foot itself was done in PVA/EVA foam as it was going to be taking all of the punishment during the wear time. I wrapped it in interfacing foam, to give a more regular surface to bond the scales to.

    11999047_1075838225760191_8284957370715672371_n.jpg 11986337_1072447206099293_5359199868799942341_n.jpg 11057214_1075822619095085_8474627108317843958_n.jpg 11667501_1073157352694945_5618115876341453896_n.jpg 11917485_1073157379361609_1863920577631456727_n.jpg
    Once the torso was built It was time to install the lights, these are battery operated LED light strings, each individually mounted into the innermost layer of the foamsuit.
    There are 27 strands of 50ct lights!

    11996900_1075823949094952_7533292826412726195_n.jpg 11986926_1075823252428355_2543699022612682174_n.jpg 11028009_1075823779094969_3100849795865814775_n.jpg
    And now the tough work ahead!
    The body I plastidipped and in some cases uses black leak seal to colorize the base, as it would show through the scales in areas i might not been able to make a glost scale jig-sawing, it also helped to normalize the color of the base layer as well.

    This is the start of the scales which were all hand cut and dyed a dark green base (mostly) prior to glueing them to the suit.
    We estimated that it was over 2000 scales.
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    11960051_1075823895761624_4449214752186842849_n.jpg 11218954_1073938175950196_6527466980135052159_n.jpg 11665415_1075823752428305_2892963679313012372_n.jpg 11246480_1075823845761629_2156448653606270498_n.jpg 11988306_1075823685761645_7092283565424579807_n.jpg

    Just some more shots of the scales and construction progress, not much to report here, just a LOT of glueing down the scales.

    After they are glued down, I go over them in a few coats of camo green plastidip, to normalize the color, and blaze orange plastidip to fill in the "burning" areas.

    11259598_1075823555761658_9219642372658186733_n.jpg 11986485_1075823602428320_7107367379240512381_n.jpg 11959994_1075838015760212_5427143711743050447_n.jpg 11009955_1075823402428340_3041683126749464357_n.jpg
    More construction, there are zippers that connect the hands, torso, and tail
    those are covered (cleveryly) by removable scale tiles attached with velcro.

    11942343_10153632939334913_1124895462685845871_o.jpg 11942320_10156009347255384_3083592905316680347_o.jpg

    And here it is DONE!

    Additional details, were installation of the teeth, and eyes, which also glow (LED lights again) and a ventilation fan in the mouth.

    Upgrades will include a better wiring harness, more access ports to cool Josh down, and a powerful exhaust to also aid in cooling.

    We might do something with the hands to make them more articulate.

    The three main SPines in the back also glow!

    There is a hidden visor in the neck, just an aluminum mesh painted green with a green organza wrapped around it, hidden among the neck scales)

    Hope you enjoyed!

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