Mythos Ben Kenobi Goggles


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I'm working toward a complete Mythos Ben Kenobi cosplay for NYCC and thought I'd share the progress I've made on the desert goggles. All of my props for this costume have been a compromise between the original statue, the sixth scale figure, and my own take on how some of these objects would have looked/aged.


The mask itself is made of leather (4/5 oz) cut using a custom pattern and then wet formed with a 3D printed mold.


The lens holders are resin printed as is the mounting bracket (not pictured) that connects the holders to the mask and helps the mask hold its form. The lens holders were painted black, hit with some rub n buff, and then weathered.


The lenses themselves are red translucent acrylic. It was important to me that they had a rounded look like the scale figure so I took a chance and created yet another 3D printed mold. This time, instead of room temperature wet leather, I put a piece of 425 degree acrylic in the PLA mold, closed the clamp, and ran for some cold water. Surprisingly, this worked really well and I was able to produce multiple lenses with the same mold - although I did need to clean the mold up a bit in between as it definitely was warping and melting under the heat. I also dusted the back of the lenses with Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome and really like the effect. The lenses look much more reflective and metallic - which I think really matches the scale figure nicely.


I patched it all together through a mix of super glue, Barge's contact cement, hopes, and dreams and came up with something I'm actually pretty proud of. Hope you all like it as well.




Album with full-sized images can be found here.

If anyone is interested and wants to follow along, I'm chronicling the journey on Instagram as @becomingkenobi. If that's something I am not supposed to share on the forums, I'll strip it from the post. This is my first attempt at a costume of this nature and just want to share the journey.

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone! Next up is my personal moisture vaporator. Been working on it for a while and can’t wait to share.