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So after a very long time, I decided to tackle a suit for Halloween. This will be puff painted on the red sections with red and black paint, and with a unique pattern I haven't seen anyone tackle on a full suit yet. I had an idea about a dream suit and I had posted a rough concept for, on one of the custom build threads here a long time ago, but life got in the way, this should be a fun build for now.

The suit I am using is the Gun-Head Design Spider-Man pattern, should give me a great base to start from. The lenses and faceshell I got off Etsy, they attach magnetically, should do the job just fine. The suit has zippers on the forearms, the legs, on the back of the head, and a u-zipper on the back.

So the way that I am going to paint this is with lines, I did a test and it looks really unique.
I have started the painting process with the legs as that is a good place to start for a rusty painter (good god it has been so long) , going to work on the red "tick" and the mask next once I feel more comfortable.

Attached a couple pics, there will be more in the upcoming days.


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Both legs and feet are done, started the back piece.


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