Justin Gunn

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I recently came across this behind the scenes shot from Ep IV and as a lover of all things GNK (gonk!), I was excited to see a droid I’ve never seen before. Does anyone have any info on this mystery (to me anyway) Gonk? (Also, I love that Kenny Baker is chowing down on a sandwich and a cup of coffee!)



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That's the second Mos Espa power droid. The feet sticking out from underneath belong to Jack Purvis who was a Buddy of Kenny Baker. They acted together in vaudeville style shows usually as a small person comedy duo. When Kenny got the job to play R2-D2 it would have taken him away from their duo routine and left Jack without a job so they negotiated Jack work on films Kenny worked on. Jack has played Jawas, Gonks, Ewoks, and possibly a few uncredited characters.

Back to the Gonk, you can see some detail parts on the top and side that made their way into the Battlefront Gonk's design.

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