Mysteria Biomask

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I just recently got Mysteria's Bio mask... and its AWESOME! I highly reccomend his work... only thing is I ordered the blank... thant I have to cut out the eyes... paint and assemble the electronics and visors... does anyone know any details about this kind of mask? i was thinking of attaching a strap at least.. perhaps my dreads right to the mask... Can I use any old adhesive (ie superglue) on the resin? also can I simply go right to spraypaint? do i need a special primer? please help.

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I have one, and it came the same way. (That's how they come, btw) You have to use a drilling tool of sorts. I use a dremmel. Cut out what you need too, very carefully. Wear a MASK and protective Glasses or goggles. Gloves are a good idea too, and long sleeves. Thats fiberglass in there. You can either cut out the led tri laser part or drill tiny holes for the lights. I drilled the hole out and had someone here make me a new led thinger.

Now this reply is for your need-info-right-now-or-my-****-will-blow-up type.

Primiming the helmet.

SAND IT DOWN. Not too much but enough to get that soft-ish grany texture. I wouldn't use a harsh texture sandpaper, but medium. Just enough to do the job. Get all the nooks and cranies.

From your local autobody or homedepot or what have you, buy a can of PRIMER. The stuff you use on cars, or whatever else people use it on. If you're at Walmart, go to the paint counter, and look about for the spray cans, there's usually a massive wall and PRIMER is at the end. OR Go over to automotive.

Primer only comes in grey, black, and green. o_O (I bought Grey)

Read the directions on the can. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Your **** will blow up if you don't read them.

'Kay, assuming you read the directions, put a light layer of primer on your sanded helmet. It usually helps if you do this outside away from everyone, and your helmet is on a stand of sorts. Give it a few more sprays.It's also essential if you spray evenly in long strokes.
Back/forth side/side whatever gets your jollies.

Let it stand for a while, or as long as you can manage, before handling it and bringing it inside. The coats may or may not be tacky and what not. (It'll say on the can.)

Let that set over night, and maybe through the next day. Depending on what the can says.

If you already got your spray paint for your specific colors/tone you want on your mask, get the darkest color and put a coat on the mask.

Make sure to not spray too close! It'll get "driplets" and try to get even strokes. Get all nooks and crannies.
When you are done, wait about 24 hours for the coat to dry. (Or whatever the can says)

When that is done, do whatever design you see fit in the same process. Some people put a sealant. I didn't becuase I wanted mine to get that "banged scratched faded" look au naturale. (however it is spelled.)

I got help with the electronic part. But you will need a soldering tool, or look in the selling topics at the bottom of the main forum page. See if anyone is selling tron stuff, or something you can stick in the led section.

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