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So this is my first thread here. I've been dreaming about this project for years now, and after finally sitting down to do it for real I've finished up in the equivalent of a couple of work days. There might be some sort of lesson to be found there, but enough with the excestentialism!

For those of you who aren't Myst fans, this is a prop from Riven, the Sequel to Myst. It's a pipe that belongs to a prominent character in the game.

Not long after the release of the game, Museum Replicas offered a series of knives, canes and clothes from the game, but not the pipe. I also have seen, oh, maybe one other person attempt to make a replica of this pipe in all the years since the release of the game.

Here's where the project started. I drafted up some measurements using reference photos of the original prop and screen captures from the game.



It would be awesome to make a version out of weeks and metal, but my resources are slim, I don't have access to machine and woods shops yet, so I had to start with what I had, old school sculpting on an armature!

Super Sculpy to the rescue!!



Texture sculpting, details, details, details.

This next one(forgive the cartoony look) was a test paint for color scheme. Unsatisfied.


Here's the near final result! There's a few tweaks that I still need to mess with, but getting very excited!!




Tell me what you think!!!
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I love seeing Must and Riven props. It's been a few years since I played either so I don't remember too much of the items you see in the game but the pipe looks great!
Thanks, it's been a cool ride, and a dream come true.

In addition to all of that, I'm looking for buyers. I want to produce a line of these and sell them to fans like me, but I really don't know what the desire for Myst props is these days. There's been a renewed buzz about Myst lately, but we'll see.
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