My Zero-Suit Tony Stark project

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    First project post to the rpf! I've learned a lot from everyone already, but I'm ready to show off a little bit.

    Some background: my name is Jake Misra, a 24 year old senior in mechanical engineering at UIC. I have a background in conversational CNC machining, and currently work Dremel on the 3D Printer team.

    Last year I did a (very crappy) Tony Stark, with some arc reactor I bought online and a suit. That was about it, and it was a huge hit. This year, I wanted to be a little more ambitious and build everything from scratch. Below is a picture of last year (cringe).


    Initially I had wanted to build out an arc reactor and prototype metal arms with palm blasters, but I'm forgoing the metal prototypes. Instead, I'm going to rock some under-armor, an arc reactor, and two discrete palm blasters (similar to Iron Man 3 when he's without a suit).

    First print to get me going
    Prototyping the bottom half. I wanted a snap fit for everything, so this part got frustrating after a while.
    Snap fits work!!

    Wiring is pretty, my solder joints are crap. Don't judge please.
    Experimenting with colors, I didn't get it right until it was fully assembled.

    That's it so far! All the LEDs will be controlled with an Arduino, so I'll be able to do pulses and animations. I have to lock down the code, but running changes can be made easily. Right now I'm speccing out the palms.

    I'm ordering 5 meters of EL wire as well, so they'll run from the arc reactor to my palms, underneath the under-armor.

    Tell me what you think! I know Tony has been done a million times, but I'm trying to make this build a little "mine" anyway.
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    Once I move on to the hands (gotta put in an order for electronics tomorrow) I'm wondering which version to pursue. I can go the really easy route and do something like the Iron Man 1 protos:

    Or I could get a little crazy and do the portable version from Iron Man 3:


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