My Winter Soldier Build- Finished


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Hello all , I have been a member a short time but have lurked and posted a couple times but this is my first thread. This forum is so great.
The winter soldier costume research thread had everything needed.
I started back in October for a simple Halloween costume . I made the arm back then. (duct tape/ craft foam method)
After that I was hooked.
-made almost everything(excluding the sig and the larger guns)
-made the cop derringer .357,intratec .38, all the knives, holsters and sheaths and the back piece out of EVA foam and craft foam.
-patterned the jacket and my wife and I learned to sew(she wanted an excuse to get a sewing machine). I made it as a vest with a separate undershirt for the sleeve.(SMP designs made some posts that gave me the idea, as well as a couple PMs that helped me)
-augmented some dickies with the front pocket, molle straps, zippers and trim.
-made some straps to make the boots more accurate.
-made the goggles per Von Viloets tutorial.
-made the mask with duct tape and paper mache. It loops behind the ears.
-belt was an old army belt. I made the buckle from EVA foam and used Freaksters q tip box idea for the pouches. I made the grenades from PVC.
-glove was an old garden glove that had a rubber coating, I painted it silver and added a black cycling glove and some craft foam rings.
Well that's it for now, sorry to be long winded. I hope you guys think its decent, its my first go at this sort of thing. This is the only decent pic for now. I might post some pics of the individual pieces soon thanks for reading ! IMG_1023.JPG
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Thank you westarsmith! You posted to another winter solider thread a while back about using magnets to attach the scorpion to the back piece right when I was finishing up that piece. At the time I was just going to strap it, but the way you explained the magnets made me go for it and I am glad I did. Thanks for taking the time to post !
I love this concept and how it looks :thumbsup great build,Malibu.And good for you and the misses that you learned how to sew; these skills are usefull for life and for any future projects.
Thanks George. Will definitely be sewing on future projects.
Here are some shots of the knives and right side holster. all craft foam, EVA foam, and foam board.


ws 2.png
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Really impressive:thumbsup are you going to make the orb-shaped bomb with lights as well? He used it to blow up the car that Black Widow was hiding behind in the highway fight
I made it yes, but reference shots were tough to find.I just spray painted a golf ball silver, painted the designs onit in black and clear coated...not the best but it will do for now. I cant post the pic right now for some reason but will later.
Bback piece. I made it of EVA foam with craft foam for the detailing. Magnets attach the scorpion. Sewed a couple layers of webbing together for the straps. It is adjustable and attaches with buckles under the arms.
The silver grenade was an afterthought and is pretty simple.


Thanks SMP Designs!. I am blown away at what can be accomplished with less than $20 of cheap pleather and an old t shirt. thanks for the advise and ideas.
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