my WEZ costume from 'road warrior'** halloween 2011

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by bdude93, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. bdude93

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    hey everyone,
    just thought i'd share a few pics of my WEZ costume with y'all. recycled costume from last year because my snake plissken wasn't ready yet. one of my favorite pieces is the forearm crossbow my talented prop friend Toby Dawson crafted for me. the rest was made by me

  2. Clutch

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    Love it! I did a costume loosely based on a Bartertown guard. I'd post a pic but they are on Facebook which is a no-no at work.

    Where did you get the 'corset' material from? I so wanted to use that and ended up using some leather and a floor mat.
  3. Hangar18Studios

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  4. Arkive Dave

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    Oh That's AWESOME !, Well done !
  5. terryr

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    You Can Run But You Can't Hide!!

  6. Jedifyfe

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    Great costume. Now all you need is a Nordic Transvestite to be your "partner" :lol
  7. weaselflinger

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  8. bdude93

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    its actually carpet underlay from australia. took me FOREVER to track down what it was. Karol at sells it by the yard. (to get from anywhere else requires ordering LARGE amounts.) and it's glued to two large leather belts that strap in the center of the back.
  9. bdude93

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    Thanks everyone!
  10. AxiomUltra

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    This is one of the greatest costumes I've seen all year.

    Awesome job!
  11. Mad Max

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    Ha ha! I know that guy! I wish we got a pic together at the MCCC. Great work!

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