My Warhammer 40,000 miniatures


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After the "success" of my Robotech thread, I thought I'd try something even more unusual for the RPF.... Games Workshop Miniatures! I have a few on my shelf, so rather than creating a new thread for each, I'll update this one as I submit new videos. First up is my converted Eldar Jetbike. Watch it in full-screen 1080p HD if you can.

If you enjoy the videos, be sure to subscribe to my channel.
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Very nice!

Cool conversion as well. Reminds me of the STAP from Episode 1 (and no, I don't think the prequel designs are rubbish)
Nice dirt effect on the legs

Out of curiosity, do you do the 2 brush blending? Also what paint line do you use. I gave up on the citadel paints ages ago when formula P3 came out from Privateer pRess since they used the old style citadel bottles and formulas. My GW paint kept drying up in the pots
Thanks, blakeh1. I haven't tried 2 brush blending. My technique is essentially layering with thin, somewhat translucent paint. I mix up all the shades I need, from light to dark, and complete a single section of the miniature at a time.

When I painted these I used GW paints as they were the easiest to obtain. I still have some of the original citadel bottled paints. Although over 20 years old, they are still usable. However, I had the same experience as you with many of my newer GW paints drying up. I haven't tried P3, but recently I started using Vallejo's acrylic range. They come in dropper bottles, which reduces the amount of wasted paint. The other thing I like about them is that I can thin them with Windex, window cleaner and airbrush them with good results.
Re: My Warhammer 40,000 miniatures!

I've updated the 1st post with my latest video, an Eldar Corsair Princess. This time around I've included some w.i.p. pictures to give you a better idea of the conversion work.
I've updated my first post with my latest video, a Tau XV8 Crisis Battlesuit. Click on the youtube button to watch it full screen. Here are a couple of pictures:



The green suit on the left is an unmodified example. My video has more info on the conversion process. I hope you like it.
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