My Walls of Blades


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I started my swords collection back in 2003 with LOTR cheap replicas. Short after, its was official UC items. Trough the years I added more weapons from different movies or fantasy items, and also historical replicas weapons from style of viking, medieval or roman eras, to name few. 12 years later, let me show you my Walls of Blades!!!!






hell yea! I love it! I have a small sword collection I've been starting up. Starting with a few bronze age pieces!

Your collection looks awesome!
that is a awesome collection and well displayed. the only thing wrong is that if i was in the room i would be always be expecting the swords to fly off the wall horror movie style and kill me.
I used to have a wall of blades like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee.

Seriously though, I used to have a ton of swords on my wall (though not as many as you) before I gave almost all of them away. Very cool collection man.
nice collection! i couldnt see it but do u have Achilles's sword from Troy??

I have nothing fron Troy... but we called our daughter Briseis :)

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Great collection. I like the gladius and (I think) the ancient greek one.

I like roman swords... im a hard Spartacus series fan :)

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Soft metal hooks bought at the hardware for 4-5$ (pack of 5 )

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I see you paired the Ridley Scott movie swords together... Ibelin, Gladiator, Hood...nice![/

... was not my intention lol
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