My Vinyl Darth Maul bust with yellow LED eyes .


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This is my first post and I'm a bit nervous with responses as I'm no pro modeller. DM 1.jpgDM 2.jpg
I bought a Darth Maul bust many , many years ago and I always wanted to light up his eyes with yellow LEDs . I recently finished a FineMolds 1/72 Tie Interceptor and put a lighting kit in that to get some experience with basic lighting . With that experience I decided to do Darth Maul . It's a vinyl bust and the top of his head comes off ( I have no idea why ) . I started by drilling holes for the LEDs in his eyes and finished them off with a hobby knife . I bought bought some yellow 5mm LEDs , a 9 volt battery case and some resistors from a company in Melbourne ( LEDsales ) then wired , soldered , heat shrinked and fitted it into Darths eye sockets . They were a bit too bright so I sanded and painted them with Tamiya clear yellow finishing them off with Tamiya Gloss black for the pupils . I've been told that I'm not allowed to display him in the TV room ( with the rest of my Star Wars stuff because he looks too scary . I reckon he looks great . I also touched up his horns and attire .

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