My Ultimate Symbiote cosplay [WIP]

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by MaybePTomorrow, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. MaybePTomorrow

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    So after seeing Lunaman's and Grampsee's cosplay I decided to do my first ever cosplay.

    I decided to an Ultimate Symbiote cosplay. Instead of buying a print I decided to make my own, using Kenlandrum's free TASM2/Raimi files, which in my opinion was very easy. I also ordered two bottles of slick white, six bottles of slick black, and one bottle of slick purple, as I plan to puff paint the suit as Grampsee did.
    Due to a computer wipe and some poor foresight I no longer have the original print file for my costume, or my first photos of the print. I do have my current progress on my build and a new improved print file (full version .JPEG and .PSD) (which is the better than my current print for my build). But anyway, here is my current progress. When I sent my print to FoD it came back with almost no shading in the muscles. I contacted FoD and they were willing to send a new version, but it would take another 20 days so I opted to keep the current print, and hit the gym a bit (lost 7 pounds so far!).

    Anyway here is my current progress, I also did the white Spider on front but didn't take a picture. I'm aiming for a con in late September, I still haven't lineup up a seamstress yet so if any of you guys are in Edmonton, Alberta and know somebody let me know.
    IMG_2319.JPG IMG_2318.JPG

    I'm also thinking of overdyeing some of the joints later on after it's sewn, depending on how it looks when I bend.

    Am I doing good for a newbie?
  2. Spidermanfan20

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    Doing great so far!
  3. Stirex

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    Looks great. I liked both their works, only thing I didn't was the spider... I think to be different, make it solid... and have messy jagged web lines same type of web pattern, but making them a bit more organic... lol well that's what I plan to do at some point :)
  4. MaybePTomorrow

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    I was actually going to make it solid, but after I did a little research I heard that the Puff Paint will started to crack. I already have a plan if I ever do a V2 of this costume, which would include screen printing on the hexagons with puff additive ink, and making a latex spider I would E6000 to the chest.

    What you said about organic looking web lines made me think, I'm playing around with Ken's Raimi suit to make somthing based off of this costume test for Spider-Man 3

    What I have so far looks like this
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  5. davekirk

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    looks very cool so far. excited to see finished result
  6. Stirex

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    3762610594_d7c9af0b6d_z.jpg This is what I meant by organic... black widow webbing... the typical spiderman type webbing we are all used to is something a nice garden variety orb weaver or similar would make.

    June-024c.jpg Even something like this... the shape is there but its a bit chaotic.. not neat
  7. FirstPick

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    Looks great. Makes me want to put my suit on when I get home.

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