My ud replica suit and $15 walmart cape.


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well not really $15 but very close.









after taking out the armor i was able to get into the xxl jacket and xl pants. damn zipper is backwards. (ladies and canadians what can you say)thanks to my superheroguy for the
gauntlets cowl belt and that was his cape on top of mine for a pattern.i traded him some boots and a shield for the stuff check out his site. seriously 15$ closeout fabric from walmart all they had left at $3 a yard. just sewed it into a 6x12 retangle then cut a pattern and a slit in the neck and added snaps with a leather strip for stiffness.made it a lot longer. i almost cut the neck off the suit and used the rubber neck but decided to wait. probably halloween. just wore a lycra hood and it looked fine. damn belt boxes and cylinders would not stay magneted on. everytime they got bumped they dropped so they got left in the truck. after watching the movie i will make the slit longer and paint the belt. and maybe cut off the neck from the jacket and use it to make a neck piece or use the rubber one.and definitley get new boots the size 14 gotham stompers tore up when i took them off my size 16 feet i will use the tops and make some spats for some other boots.i told the girls working at the theater i was the batman assigned to them that night.and they bought it.
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Awesome shots man! I was thinking about getting that suit. You said you managed to fit into the xxl suit but I've heard the suits are almost oversized and you don't look that that big (no offense). I was just wondering as size charts and online shopping don't seem to agree with me. I'm 6 foot 2 and a fighting fit 190 pounds. According to the UD size charts I'm a small. What part of the suit would you say has the most danger zones for fitting. Any help would be amazing as the suit is quite expensive. Looks great on you though!!


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I am 6'5" 275. It would not zip with the ce armor in the pockets. I probably could have left the armor in the pants but more comfortable without. I need to add some snaps in the front to attach the pants and jacket there is a zipper in bac that holds them together. I may even cut out the armor pockets and some of the liner to make it fit better..if you do get one. Get some magnets to hold the cape on and get the boots they match better.. my magnets didnt come in time. The belt is nice but for the money you mayfind something better on here.


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6'5" you should done Bane. You make a great Batman. Great pix and thanks for sharing, especially how you cut the cape. Plan to get the suit myself when finances permit.


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after watching the movie i think just a half circle with no points would have worked better. i was going to use my darth vader cape but didnt want to ruin it for that suit. i dont think the walking around suit in the movie had scallops. you can see the line where the seam was. it was the quickest way and damn cheap. for the cape anyway. and for those that dont think that suit was hot. i sweated so much that i caught a massive charlie horse at about 1 hour 55 minutes into the film even though i had changed into shorts during the previews. still a lot less hot than say this.




which is what i wore to the begins premier.
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