My TOS Trek tunics


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I'm finally getting a chance to take some pics of my newer pieces, so I thought I'd share some pics. :)

My Captain Pike uniform shirt (and Communicator) from "The Cage."





And my TOS Captain's uniform, with custom insignia patch.



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Okay, I HAVE to ask...the second shirt (TOS Captain) looks absolutely dead-on. Does it have the 'invisible' zipper? But more important, where can I get one??? (PM me if necessary)


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My wife made them both, the TOS shirt from the pattern, and the Pike shirt from a sweater pattern, with a couple minor alterations.

The TOS shirt was made specifically for the manniquin, so it doesn't have (or need) the hidden zipper. The Pike shirt does have the zipper in the shoulder seam, however.

I don't think I have enough fabric for another shirt, otherwise I'd be happy to help you out.


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Your wife does terrific work. That Pike tunic's a beauty. The insignia looks great, too.

Next you should persuade her to make you a Pike landing party jacket. :D


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Beautiful work.....

As a happy member of the talented wife club I tip my hat to your good lady.

Congratulations on your fine tunic.


Lord Abaddon

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Very nice shirts. I have only seen a Pike shirt once at a convention, it's really cool to see some of the more rare variations of the Trek outfits. That badge is a good one, sort of goes with the varied badges in the Franz Joseph Tech Manual. That one looks like it would go with say the USS Star Empire. :D


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Thanks Doug. I love 'em all, but that Cage communicator is one of the coolest and most unique pieces in my collection.
You know how long I've been saying "man, I'd LOVE to see an accurate Cage communicator." Now, I can see one every day, on my prop shelf. Great piece. :D
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