My Torched 4 Version 2 Freddy Krueger silicone mask from Darkride Studios


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Just received this mask from Darkride Studios...I am BLOWN AWAY by how accurate it looks to Robert Englund in the movie when I have it on.





I also got a matching silicone left hand from Darkride at the same time.

uploadfromtaptalk1428069610892.jpg a bonus, here is a video of me singing Ice Ice Baby in full
Looks great!

I have one of his early, non-descript masks before he started making them to match specific Freddy movies. His newer ones do look better -- but are also much more expensive than what I paid.
Hi SouthWestPayDay, I have tried to find Dark Ride but there site seems to be inactive. Anyway you can share an email so I can buy the Freddy 4 mask ? I am a long time friend of Robert E and his wife Nancy. Here is a shot of us with Robert as Freddy43 (2).jpg

43 (2).jpg
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