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I want to make diferent items of each Avengers heroes for my collection, Already have Ironman lifesize, Captain America new Helmet, (i got a plastic CA shield too but need a lot work!!!!!) and the Thor hammer, i bought the cheap toy hammer, very decent hammer not too bad, i made a new handle from pvc pipe, i polished it, It is more larger of course, and i found a good leather sample, hopefully next week i will go to the leather store to find more and work that handle to make it looks accurate, the hammer mass i want to fill it with resin and foam, then a nice stand for the presentation.
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Re: My Thor (PR) movie version hammer

Here another photos progress, i have to add a metal screw to the handle because the hammer is getting weigh about 5 pounds, so the handle has to be a little strong, inside the mass hammer i add nut for the screw filling up with fiberglass, bondo, resin,foam and three pieces of metal, i want to add to the rock of stand (spray foam) a big magnet to add a better effect whoever try to play with the hammer.
Re: My Thor (PR) movie version hammer

Thanks guys, here a little update, the hammer need a name plate and some other little details also the hammer only weight 5 lbs.
Re: My Thor (PR) movie version hammer

Turned out GREAT! Are you going to muddy up the display base any?
Wao, i don't think so, it will be hard and alot of work to make a mold of this display base and a little expensive too.
Thanks for the interest and the good coments too.
Re: My Thor (PR) movie version hammer

Simply fantastic! Exactly my vision for how this prop needs to be displayed!
Could you maybe work up a tutorial on how to custom sculpt that kind of base??
Re: My Thor (PR) movie version hammer

That looks fantastic! How did you do your leather on the handle? How did you cut it to make it look right?
Re: My Thor (PR) movie version hammer

Ebay, Adult Thor movie hammer, but i did a few modifications. It doesn't look as toy and now is 5 lbs heavy.
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