My third and final Holy Grail prop arrived. Or, my 25 year search for a Voyagers Omni


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I was 13 years old in 1982, and like most young boys, I loved Voyagers. What a great twist on the time travel show. And of course, I wanted an Omnicron.

For about 25 years I‘ve tried to find one, (That wasn’t a 2Kto 4K replica).

I wanted an idealized version with the deep lid engraving, not the hammered one.

I found this on Etsy. It’s resin 3D printed, very clean print. I paid for it and the seller said that was planning to offer an upgrade with laser engraved brass time wheels that individually spin. He asked if I would like the first upgrade, to which I said, “What’s your PayPal address?”

This does not disappoint. It’s marvelous. I especially like the proper round and sunken globe, not just a disk that’s flush with the opening. Also, the acrylic or resin window that‘s not just and empty dial marker.

It‘s everything that I’ve been waiting for.

That's beautiful. I remember watching Voyagers every week when I was a kid. It was a great concept for a show to teach kids a little about history.

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