My "The Avengers" Captain America costume thread


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I have a Captain America costume commission in the style of "The Avengers" movie being currently produced by a couple down in Atlanta. This suit will be completed and ready to wear about 1.5 weeks prior til MegaCon in mid-Feb. I do not have a lot to show as of yet as the suit is still in its very early stages, but went down there for a test fit, and I'm very excited about this suit is going to turn out. It's not going to be 100% screen accurate, as there is just no way I can afford the boots/gloves, and materials they used. But I do expect this will be around 80-85% screen accurate. (

The boot and gauntlet armor as well as the silver shoulder pieces are actually going to be sculpted and cast out of latex.

Like I said, not much to show of as of yet, but I will post more as pics and progress becomes available.

If you want to reach out to the folks commissioning my suit, you can reach them at


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Excellent! I've been waiting for someone to tackle this one!
I'm hoping we have some options for this costume in time for the premiere of Avengers. I'm actually quite curious to see what the 'Prestige' version of the licensed costume will look like.
Having one custom made is the way to go and really happy to see you share!


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Looks great! What type of material are they using for the stripes? Is it reinforced with anything or just thick?


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Pic of the gauntlets are in... just need some shading, metal clasps added and to get rid of the black/gray areas of the gloves



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The crusader has an awesome alternative to the gloss that is beautiful, I believe they were icons or something like that..