My Terminator Endo


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Hi Guys

Just thought id post pics of my recently acquired Endoskeleton. This is no ordinary Endo, he is made from different machine parts and weighs over 500 pounds and stands 7.5 feet tall. Truly Awesome

If you decide to do a "run" I'm in! :lol

I'm sure shipping wouldn't be that bad at all...:cool

I keed, I he all hand made from scrap iron and stuff? What's the story!

thanks for sharing!

thanks guys, yes he is built from all different machine parts, i am in the process of opening a movie themed cafe so he is going to be displayed in there. because of the weight he can be broken down into 5 parts, the arms come off, the head comes off and then the torso comes off, the torso can be swivelled round also which is cool. I have just oredered some led lights to see if we can install them in the eye sockets and a couple of led's to put in the torso somewhere.
This is unbelievale, what a great job.

So which do you consider it? T-500, T-600, T700?

I've seen something like this before...

There is (was?) a shop at the Irvine Spectrum shopping/entertainment center here in SoCal that sold custom "sulcpture" made of hardware and mechanical parts, and they had an Endoskeleton.

This was 5-10 years ago that I saw it there.

Wonder if it might be the same?
It's better than most I've seen done, but with the money you probably spent buying it, I would have bought one of the three versions that Sideshow put out.
He's quite intimidating isnt he :eek but I cant help it, I find myself trying to recognise the parts :)

So far I see what looks like electric motor housings for the outer shoulders, differential sun gear & planet gear housings for the inner shoulders, brake pads for the front of the spine, the thighs look to be lower suspension arms with the balljoint at the knee & various shock absorbers & coilovers for the pistons. I'm not suprised he's heavy!! He dont half look good though :thumbsup
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