my take on predators sequal


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this is just a rough draft on how it will go, i will eventually write it out fully, just wanted to get some opinions....

Soon after the events of PREDATORS:

Royce and isabelle arm themselves with weapons from the predator the killed, isabelle takes a broken gauntlet blade and a throwing disc weapon, Royce arms himself with a spear and cannon. They set off in the direction of the chutes that landed. Isabelle is still a bit shaky but Royce picks her up. They find 2 new members , a british SAS soldier and a black American gang leader.
After an argument Royce gains the new soldiers trust and they run to a near by cove, out of sight. Royce and Isabelle explain what is going on and Royce says we need to keep moving. As they exit the cove, 3 more people shout hey over here but are suddenly attacked and killed by a huge animal (similar head to a skull in P2) it head for Royce and the others, they try to shoot at it but nothing, Isabelle dodges it, stabbing it but it gets back up, chasing the gang leader over a cliff and to his and its death. Isabelle says the safest place is nolands hideout. They travel their and salvage what they can from his room including a gauntlet bomb. Royce explains about noland and about not knowing when the next season is. There is a shaking of the room and a loud noise. ( a pred ship) they head outside to see it land. As they talk another lands in an opposite direction! They prepare to go on the hunt but Royce still wants a ship to get outta there. Bathed in mud they head out.
Cut to a seen of a stranded lone human, scared and turning in all directions hearing noises. Only to turn to a pred decloak infront of him, he tries to stab it but his hand is stopped by the preds and he is lifted up by the neck, the pred breaks his knife arm and guants his screaming head off.
Royce and the others hear it. It begins to get dark so they rest among some logs to camaflauge themselves. As they talk its starts to rain, washing off their mud and within the trees surrounding them, a classic predator is decloaked aiming its laser at the group. It is then shot at by a pred cannon from within the distance. The team get up and run, the SAS troop is followed by an updated smart disc weapon and cut in half and Royce gets darted in the leg as he and isabelle fall to the floor. The sbp decloakes and fights with the classic. As the classic gains advantage he throws the sbp which lands face down on the floor. As he does so, several spb decloak behind him. The classic takes a step backwards as several classics decloak behind him. Royce and isabelle crawl to a safe distance as the two tribes go to war. After a couple of mins fighting, Royce and isabelle are dragged by hair to the bsp side and are strung upside down together. In the battle arena the classics are winning but retreat as the fighting dies down to a standoff. Two start fighting again but are fired upon by a classic which breaks them apart as the classic is nodded back to join his crew. As they slowly disappear in camo mode, we see the sbp heading towards Royce and isabelle who operate the bomb gauntlet to destroy the bsps and themselves.

im not 100% on the way the two tibes just stop fighting but i kinda want the classics to leave and survive and for royce and isabelle to blow themslves and the bsps up!

let me know...


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i like the story but i think when they tie up roice and issabel i think they would have them imobile
like they did the classic predator, i would write that they find their sbp friends have been killed
and thus making the two remaining humans from before into predators, like trained and stuff,
although they would be hated and lower rank than the regular sbp
(just like machiko in the AVP triligy books) now that would be amazing!
i hope this advise helps, Marley Hunter
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