My take on Doctor Strange


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So, getting a bit of a jump on the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, ready for this year's ECCC. I never thought that he should wear a superhero costume, as he is technically not a superhero in the first place. So, my idea is to make the costume as if it was a suit of clothing. When done, it will be comprised of pants, shirt, vest, coat, eye of agamotto, and overcoat.So, so far, this is what I have done. 100% cotton boxer shorts, which I have hand-painted with images from the Ditko years. The jacket is a Victorian era morning coat, and the shirt is fitted, but with flouncy sleeves and French cuffs. Also, I am sculpting a ring and all the buttons and belt buckle, all in the style of the symbol of the Vishanti. The buttons will be resin, the ring in silver. The vest will be double-breasted navy like the jacket, and the collar will be a light blue-the way the collar flares out gives it a hint of the design on Strange's tunic. The overcoat will be based on a turn of the century driving coat, made in red melton wool, with an extra-full segment at the back to give it an illusion of a cape, and with a nice stiff collar. IMG_1911.JPG IMG_1914.JPG IMG_1925.JPG IMG_1928.JPG IMG_1931.JPG IMG_1932.JPG
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