My Studio scale Tie fighter


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My another SS model :)

A few months ago, I bought used Tie model from another steve :lol

I have rebuilt & repaint for my SW museum.

Plz, Find the below link...

<Production note>

1. modification of mold & panel line

2. 1st sand paper work

3. 2nd sand paper work

4. After painting

<Completed model pics>





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I have been looking at the construct pictures and was really put off by the looks of the terrible castings. I promise I never try send out that quality of part. I started looking though that it looks like its a prior build up someone did and CK is stripping it and redoing it.

There is breakage where the casted parts usually dont break (maybe damage in shipping). I saw alot of build up on the Hull/wing hubh areas that looks like Old CA glue build up to me. This causes it to look really rough. I went to the shop to look over the parts again and the seem on the hull is not that bad to require the putty work shown. All i can figure when removing the hull perimeter details damage was created.

My observation is that this build is a rebuild of one of my kits. Not recast but a reworking of someone elses buil.

Based upon breakage and what appears to be a paint job and left over glue. I promise my castings are cleaner and do not require the clean up that is shown here.

CK did a great job. Absolutley fantastic. That first picture is GREAT. Keep em comming.