My Stormtrooper dream finally come true


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The other day I got the chance to finally take hold of what I never thought us Stormtrooper nuts would ever see.I got my RS PROPS ANH cast Stormtrooper armor.I wanted something a little special with mine and Rob and Simon were glad to help.

Specifically I wanted as close to Simons suit as possible with as little restoration as possible.I wanted all the warps and lumps in place as thats what gets my heart racing with props.Simons suit has suffered some loss of the curve on the ab and chest section from storage but I wanted that inplace as any alterations in my mind starts moving away from the originals forms.
Basically they made a cast for me from their protoype molds which were molds taken from Simons suit with minimal cleanup apart from fixing cracks and reconnecting the cod peice etc.I would say it`s 95% true to Simons original.

The other thing to note is that Simons suit has 2 right biceps and forearms and 2 right shins.My suit is the same and I`m sure theres others on screen with doubled up aprts too.

I opted for 1.5mm ABS as the guys said that it was pretty close to what the original was.They seem to have got the gloss level right too.

Most people have apted for the restored suit with replacement left forearms biceps and shins as well as the curve being put back into the torso parts and cleaned up ab section.They have done a wonderfull job on the restoration too but this suit I have was more to my liking as it represents all the tackyness of an original.:)

Anyway a big thanks to Rob and Si for making this finally happen after 35 odd years,on with the pics,

the following pic is an original ab peice with certain dents that are clear to see on the replics suit below it.There are many details like this over the entire suit.Also note that this replica is as sharp as Simons original is but not as sharp as the original luke suit shown.

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Yes I will follow up this thread as I progress. I'm going to take it very slow. I want it perfect. I'm going to start trimming soon. Plenty more pics to come. Cheers guys.


I was about to say that the pulls looked soft, especially the AB plate, I was about to suggest adding more vacuum holes, but it makes sense if Simon's original suits is soft to begin with.

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I was stoked when I got my armor kit too. It was so many years of wanting it and dreaming about it. Now, it's such a pain in the butt to wear I don't break it out very often.

I was about to say that the pulls looked soft, especially the AB plate, I was about to suggest adding more vacuum holes, but it makes sense if Simon's original suits is soft in detail to begin with.


Yeah this is representative of how his original suit is and the replicas they will be offering the general public will be sharpened abit. It doesn't help that my camera is crap too. I will try to get some better pics tonight.

Super, super cool! I may just have to pick up a set of this armor afterall! I have a set of Gino armor sitting here in kit form... never hurts to have TWO stormtroopers, right?
Congrats on your amazing acquisition, Ben! That´s what i thought you were going to get.
I wouldn´t have expected anything else than a uberaccurate suit!
I will follow your thread with great interest.
Can´t wait to get one for my collection too!

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