My Starcraft 2 Terran Ghost costume!


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Hey everyone! So recently I've been working on a different costume and have got it to about 99% done! haha... I want to add the lighting and a voice amp. For those of you who don't know what a Terran Ghost is... it is a Black Ops sniper unit from the game Starcraft. Starcraft is a strategy game where you create bases, mass armies, and use tactics and planning to go defeat the enemy. Fun. As. Hell! haha... Ghosts are one of the highest tech Terran (Human race) units. In fact only certain people can become ghosts. A small amount of Terrans are born with Psionic abilities and if discovered, they are sent to the Terran Ghost Academy where they train to become the Terran's elite covert ops military unit. They are equipped with a high power canister rifle, Cloaking device, EMP, and have the ability to "paint a target" and call down a tactical nuke on the most unfortunate enemy. Pretty wicked ****. I actually play the Zerg (alien insect type race) but found myself thinking it would be easier to make a human costume.... at least for my first one ;)

ANYWAY! Now that I've given you the the more detailed than you probably care rundown... here is a short video I made of it! I will be taking a better one (and hopefully send it to someone who is a master of after effects to do cloaking effects, gun shot effects...etc). This was the best I could do for now but it at least shows what a Terran Ghost looks like! I am fairly proud of it. It certainly could be better but for a 2 month or so build and a tight budget... I think it came out alright. Let me know what you think!

Starcraft 2 Terran Ghost Costume! - YouTube


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Thanks Cadet! Means a lot coming from you! Your work is always top knotch!

I certainly will be! Are you going to Ohayocon this year? If so... which costume(s) are you taking?

Thanks again!

Darth Pinhead

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Awesome job, B. Loved watching your build progress. Showed a guy at Game Stop, tonight. He was mighty impressed! "That helmet is SICK!"


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You must be a friend of mine on FaceBook? I have seen your progress from the start. Nice work!!!

Love the last post of the helmet .... it looked a bit bronzish or gold ..... nice touch:).


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Thanks a million guys! Couldn't have made the helmet without pepmaster's unfolding skills!

Brad, I still love the attention to detail you put into your props! I think after Ohayocon I am remaking this helmet to the level of detail your iron man helmet is coming out! Thanks for all your support man... one of the biggest boosters for me in this hobby!

Mardikrewe! Yes! You have the awesome wolf suit ;) haha!
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