My Star Wars saber/blaster belt


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I've been working on a Star Wars saber/blaster belt for a costume/cosplay. I've learned a lot a tips and tricks and specifics about creating a leather Star Wars belt which I'm more than willing and eager to share.

For future costumes/cosplay/a trip to Galaxy's Edge I've started putting together a "rogue"/survived Jedi costume with inspiration from the character Cal Kestis in the upcoming Jedi: Fallen Order video game. My belt is mostly inspired by Han Solo's belt with little tweaks inspired by other belts (Luke Skywalker, Aurra Sing, etc), so you'll see items that'll be familiar to you from you thousands of viewings of the movies.

I've attached a few images of things as I've progressed over the past couple of months. I'd appreciate any feedback or I'm available to answer any questions anyone has.


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