My Star Trek Voyager Photon Torpedo


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Hi Everyone,

I have looked at many of the Collections posted by the great Members here on our Forum and I have not seen this in any other Collection,
So I thought I might show you something unique from mine.

I have a 1999 Star Trek Voyager Syndication Torpedo Kit.

It is 1 of Only 200 that Paramount Pictures produced and distributed to only the Television Stations that held contracts to air Star Trek Voyager.

This Torpedo was not available for Retail Sale or available to the General Public.

It is an exact scaled down replica of a Voyager Photon Torpedo.

Here is my Video for your enjoyment:

Star Trek Voyager Torpedo 1999 - YouTube

If you want More Pics, Let me know...

Thanks........Jeremiah -STPropGuy76- -StarTrekFan76-
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That is indeed very cool. I have one of these media kits in storage somewhere, gotta fetch it out. Forgot how cool it is.
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