my staff lightsaber build


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i'll start off by saying this is not an exact replica of any lightsaber i made it after stumbling over this video.

Lightsaber, Star Wars, Build a Real Lightsaber : BFX - YouTube

there are links in the description.

i went out and got all the things i needed for my build. some pvc pipe, a metal plumbing pipe and some plasti-dip. thats pretty much all you need for the shell. oh and some rivets but i never used those.

i cut the pvc to length and taped the paper tamplet over it


Then i put the cut out design over the metal pipe to mark where i needed to cut it.


After that i drilled the holes for the rivets i was going to use.


after sanding down the metal edges and rivet holes i put plasti-dip on the outer design


i tried putting the sheath on to put the rivits on but it was a pain the get it all the way on so once i was happy with where it was i couldn't turn it to match up the holes for the rivets so i had to leave it how it was :(, but it didnt turn out too bad.



let me know what you guys think.
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