My Spidey complete


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Just thought I'd post some pics of my completed Spidey!

This was a custom print from Spidey4fun. It's based on the movie style suit, with grid pattern and printed webs and emblem, but with a much darker webbing tone. I wasn't a huge fan of the silver webbing in the Raimi films, and I wanted to create a combination of comic elements and movie elements.

I sculpted the eye frames and cast them in some different materials including urethane and Smooth on Onyx. I wanted them to be slightly bigger and thicker than the movie frames, with "swoopy" lines like the comics, but not quite Romita and not quite McFarlane. Again, a combination of movie / comic look. The lenses are very fine steel mesh, airbrushed black on one side and several coats of white on the outside.
The face shell was from AzSpidey, and I trimmed out the eye holes and drilled a grid of holes in the mouth area for ventilation.

I'm fairly lean, so I was going after the "defined muscle but still slim teenage Spidey look". :)
I created a subtle upper body muscle suit that utilized foam shoulder pads for the shoulders, biceps, triceps and some custom trimmed foam for the pectoral muscles. This was worn under a tight fitting compression top. For the bottoms, I used a dance belt with some thin custom cut foam padding and some lycra lance pants on top.

I've worn the suit a couple times and it feels great! Makes a big impact at events (recently visited a kids hospital with some 501st Legion friends on Halloween) and the kids always get a kick out of my Spidey antics. :)

Hope you like it!








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Hnnngghh, thats exactly how spidey should've looked in the films IMO. Great work dude.

I also dig the white lenses.


what kind of material are you white lenses made from? I assume you can see perfectly out of them, I made lenses out of reflective window tint and rubber but they fogged up in a matter of ten minutes or so. does your lenses fog at all?
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