My Spiderman Raimi suit


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THats latest version of my musclesuit

Without it you will hear some comments from people cause you will be judged all the time everywhere and compared to real spidey so dont whine if youre laughed at and make the muscle suit , people will comment on your big belly,skinny legs or hands, thats just the way people are and if you cosplay as spidey then just try to meet expectations from comic books, you would not want skinny hulk or skinny spidey in a movie right ?
IT also changes peoples attitute towards you, they dont want to mess with you or make stupid comments that much when they see muscular dude, thats just how people work.Its sad but its the truth and you will see the difference.
You can even go out without musclesuit and hear what people say, then go out with muscle suit on, its strange how peoples atittude changes based on how muscular you are.
Legs are as important as shoulders and chest area.
Heres some pics of the suit.



Yes you do need something to cover your junk i use simple cardboard sewn to the underwear, it works , because you dont want any child who took pics with you to see your junk coming through your suit and it does without anything covering groin area.
I tried to follow muscle structure, i didnt made bicep on arms, just tricep so it looks more natural, also widened shoulders and chest, lats , to get the V shape.
Sponge will compress under the suit so you might think you put too much but you need to test it first. Also make sur sponge padding is rounder like a dome shape, some are more triangular, depends what muscle shape you want to create.When you will make wrong muscle shape it will look fake and people will notice.
Theres one more thing with these suits, you will get these white spots where you accidentally scratched the suit or some rough surface came into contact with it, these kind of white freckles/dots ... you can get rid of them easily.
With this:

This info should be sticky in spiderman cosplay, everytime i see non padded spidey it just looks like fancy suit despite all the amazing work put into it, if you did the suit, then make musclesuit as well ,its much easier, dont have to be pretty , it just has to work.
Id say biggest effect will give you shoulder widening ( delts) and legs.Without broad shoulders and everythuing else pu in, you will still look like regular guy , not superhero.
Also with shoes on spideysuit, dont just cut the sole off the shoe and glue it on, you have to put entire shoes with soles intact into the suit feet, then glue them permanently and then cut the sole off from second pair (1 size larger) to glue them to the bottom of the suit, cut the hole so you can glue rubber from soles inside to rubber from soles outside, best for this is superglue, it bonds the rubber permanently, it has to actually tear apart to be separated, watch ouf for fumes tho, and this will give you better asthetics, some guys look like they wear socks with soles glued on and it doesnt look good.Dont buy skinny shoes , buy some that are a bit rigid, no canvas shoes or kungfushoes unless theyre more rigid and wont deflate under spandex, you should not see your toes through the suit.
You can see on raimi suits they actually had entire shoes with soles inside the feet.
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