My Son's Gonk Droid Costume!


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This year my son Ben wanted to be a Power Droid, or as he calls it a Gonk Droid. For weeks he'd say, "Hey Dad." "Yes?" "GONK." It was starting to get quite annoying. What sold him on the idea was my description of a special enhancement -- the candy access port! I added a hatch on the front that would open up for depositing candy. When he closes it the candy comes inside with him.

I finished the costume last week and we took it for a spin this weekend. Here are some pics we took down by the water and then in a nice grungey alley. Click the pics for a larger view.

I call this one "Complicated Pants":

It's made from two storage bins from Target, the usual method. I made the face from a food storage container. I cut the bottom out and replaced it with a plastic mesh-like piece, so he could see and breath. I added small side view ports on each side for added visibility, and a back port for more circulation.

The legs are from a drainage pipe. I cut out the space between the ribs where his knees are, about 75% of the way around, so he can bend them. I like these better than dryer tubes. I just think they look better. The feet are from a vacuuform buck I made years ago. I had to stretch them out, though, to fit his feet.

I painted it with primer and then Rustoleum bronze metallic paint. I ragged one watered down black paint to grunge it up. Watered down orange paint was used to add rusty areas.

I used old backpack shoulder straps attached to the inside of the bottom section to support the bins. It's not really light, but he seems to be hanging in there. He's enjoying the attention this gets. We went to a Halloween event at a children's museum and the other kids swarmed him. He had a ball!

Nice job on the power droid Scott! A kid actually won first place (one year pass for 4 to Legoland) a couple of weeks ago at Legoland California wearing a power droid costume.
Thanks guys! It was fun to make and hilarious to watch wandering around the neighborhood. Tonight should be interesting in the dark!

Old Gonk here had a good weekend. He won 1st place in the children's costume contest at the Tampa Comic Con yesterday. Then late last night I got an email from informing me that he had won 1st place in their annual Halloween costume contest. His prizes are worth $200! I'll be buying him out, though, since he'd prefer legos to that Gentle Giant and Sideshow stuff. I get a good deal and he'll get some cold hard cash. ;)

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