My Sons Batman Arkham Origins Costume for "Fasching"


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The finished Costume:

So, my Son wanted the Bats Costume from Batman Arkham Origins and its nearly finished.

I just wanted to share it. ^^
I sewed a sweater with a zipper in the back.
There are different layers of fabric and foam.
First the Sweater, pleated and sewed fabric, false leather, foam and a strechy fabric on top of the foam. ^^
I wanted to make sure that if he wears it, he feels like a Superhero but it should be comfortable.


I sculpted the belt buckle from fimo and sprayed it. The Bracers are 3 Layers of craftingfoam with false leather on top.

For the knuckle thingys on the Gloves i made one from fimo, pressed it into clay and put a liquid latex acrylic paint mix in it.

The Legarmor is made of 2mm and 3mm crafting foam, held on the leg with velcro.

The cowl is made out of crafting foam as well, the gaps filled with liquid latex and spayed with lots of coats of latex acrylic paint mix.

The cape was tricky, i didnt thought i need that much fabric. Its made from 8 triangular pieces of fabric, much like an umbrella.
Only things i havent finished is the neck/shoulder/armor thing and the armor pads on the legs.


Everything on this Costume is sewed by hand, i dont have a machine. ^^
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Fasching?! Dat heißt Karneval im Rheinland, du Jeck! :lol (Fasching?! That's Carnival in Rhine-Valley, you geek! :lol *in Lower-Rine dialect*)
Thx Guys, really! ^^

Sooooo, i working on the shoulder/neck armor.
Any ideas how to attach the cape on it securely?
Its made from 3mm craftigfoam and the cape is a heavy fabric, like the fabric of a trechcoat.
YenChih Lin/Venom1989
Is so seltsam hier deutsch zu lesen. XD
Its so weird to read something german in this forum. XD
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So, here is the progress for the neck/shoulder armor:
I made the Pieces out of 3mm Craftingfoam and sprayed them with Latex/acrylic Paint.
These have just the first couple of layers.
To hold them on the Costume i used press-studs (i hope its the right word, i had to googletranslate it o_O).


I think this will work on the Cape too.

Here is how i sewed the press-studs to the foam, without ripping the foam.
Sooooooo, its finished. ^^
I think im happy with the result even its not 100% what i had in mind.

Edit: Ok, i have trouble to upload the pictures. o_O
Edit2: Now its working. ^^
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I updated the first post.

Wow! Great Work! I like the cowl very much.

Aber trotzdem heißt es Karneval, nicht nur im Rheinland :lol

Ich kenns hauptsächlich unter "Fasching", außerdem wollt ich unsere englisch sprechenden Kollegen hier nich verwirren.
Karneval klingt sehr nach Carnival, was die meisten ja eher mit Rummel verbinden. ^^

For the English speackers:
Its just a discussion about the word "Fasching". ^^
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