My Smallville Green Arrow Cosplay

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    Hello, RPF! One of my favorite characters in all of comic-dom is Green Arrow. I've had this costume for a few years now, and even though I'm not 100% satisfied with it (although that's just cause I'm one of those guys who wants every little detail as accurate as I can get it :p ), I think I have reached the point where I'm ok with showing it off a bit, especially since I've got a few professional shots of it now ^.^ If you have any questions about it or just want to comment, feel free!

    Matt Bandy-5040.jpg Matt Bandy-5042.jpg Matt Bandy-5061.jpg Matt Bandy-5068.jpg Matt Bandy-5073.jpg Matt Bandy-5074.jpg 11934565_977281458978292_3321863454148058354_o.jpg 11937045_976379142401857_2342866614036306245_o.jpg 11942095_976379189068519_4992886195374179631_o.jpg
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