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Hey guys, here are some pictures of my home office. I thought it would be a good idea to start cataloging my collection. I'm very much into finding cheaper items and improving on them, and much of my displayed collection falls into that category. I hope you enjoy!
Spider-Man suit: "2nd Skin"
Spider-Man mask: Japan/ Zentai
Peter Parker camera: vintage Yashika
Busts: Bowen
Gremlin Prop Replica: NECA

Superman suit: Zentai
Batman statue: WB Store
Captain America shield: Rubies w/ some paint upgrades
Thor Mjolnir: Rubies
Pit-Bull hoverboard: Fan Made (still need rockets)
1/15 Delorean: Diamond Select
1/18 Delorean: Vitesse
Outatime Plate:Unknown
Doc Brown 2015 Sunglasses: Fan Made (Sheet Metal)
Lego Delorean
Delorean Speedometer: Fan Made, UK

Batman Returns cowl: Artsee1
Indiana Jones 18'': Art Asylum
Jurassic Park Sculpt: Blu Ray Box Set
Captain Action Spider-Man: Round 2

wall1 (2).JPG
Freddy Krueger Glove, signed: Fan Made, Unknown
Winston Z 12'': Mattel
Superman staue A Ross: History of Superman


photo 5 (4).JPG
Stormtrooper Helmet: Unknown

photo 5 (5).JPG
Halloween 2 Mask: Trick or Treat Studios
Coveralls: Big Macs/ Grey
Indiana Jones Fedora: Dorfman Pacific, weathered
Whip: Unknown
Slimer 1:1, Darkside Studios
Ghost Trap: Mattel
Boba Fett Helmet: Rubies Jango Fett, repainted, weathered.
Audrey 2: craft store build
Batman Dark Knight cowl: Gotham City FX
Jason Hock: TRU NECA, repainted, weathered
Hood: ZOMBI Mask
Captain America WW2 Helmet: plastic Halloween Army Helmet, repainted, weathered.
Iron Man Helmet: Resin Airsoft Mask War Machine, repainted, weathered.
Freddy Krueger: Devil's Latex Mr. Burns
Fedora: Unkown
Sweater: Hot Topic
Eyes: Ping Pong balls, red thread, printed pupils, clear spray

Wolverine Claw lamp: unknown


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Thanks! The two long rows of frames are 11x17 posters - they usually sell a lot of these at cons. I have a few of them signed, and I'm hopefully going to have Christopher Lloyd sign my Back to the Future poster next month!

Adam C.

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What a great looking room! I love the diversity of everything in your collection too. Thanks for posting the pictures! I can't wait to see updates in the future. :)


That's a great collection! Doesn't look very small to me (that's what she said?). I like the ping pong ball eyes for Freddy and the way you display the masks, helmets, etc. looks really rich. I'm trying to figure out what the mask is that's on the second shelf all the way to the right. Looks familiar.


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Thanks Mikey! That mask is called "bola the chopper" (I think), and it is made by Neil at Rubber Gorilla in the UK. We used it for a short horror film called CUT that I wrote and directed.
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