My Skyrim Dragon Preist Mask - Krosis

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This is my first thread so be gentile.

At the beginning of this year I started listening to's podcast "Still Untitled : The Adam Savage Project". In the podcast, as many of you may know, he talks very fondly of the RPF as well as prop building in general. After months of watching tested content and listening to the joy that these props bring him, as well as perusing the RPF as an unregistered user looking at the pretty things (BTTF Props in particular), I decided that it was time for me to dive into the wonderful world of prop building and make my own. I picked a prop that I had always loved from a video game, the "Krosis" Dragon preist mask from Skyrim. I scoured the web for instructions and helpful hints as to how to complete such a task, and found a wonderful guide on Instructables by Ikkalebob. Many credits to him for his wonderful guide, which can be found here ( It details the process for Pepakura and Fibreglass usage. I started the project on July 22nd.

1 6-22.jpg

This is the first piece I completed, the lower right Jaw. You can see the tabs are folded in, instead of out like they should be. I will talk about that later.


This is the pepakura mask completed, almost. Notice the eye on the left looks kinda...derpy. I cut it out and redid it, and it looked a little better.


The first application of resin on the outside. This was my first time using resin and I added too much hardener to the mix, and it got globby. The second Resin application and fibreglass addition went uneventfully, thankfully.


Hit the mask with a coat of gray to see what needed to be sanded better.


Sanded better.

The forehead wasnt nearly as defined as I wanted it to be, so I used some stacked thin packing foam sheets hot glued together and some bondo to attempt to make the shape. It looked like rubbish so I redid it.


After research, I learned that the foam I wanted was EVA foam, and went on a wild goose chase to find some at 10 PM at night, because thats what normal people do. Eventually found some in the Infant Section of wallmart for cheap. It was Disneys Cars themed, there were 24 4'x4' tiles, and I only needed one corner of a tile. Was a good deal since the package was opened and got a discount for that as well.


This is when I really learned how to use bondo. Took my time and used an old gift card as a spreader for the finer areas. Already much better than the other foam.

This is where I'd show the painted unweathered mask, if I had thought to take any pictures of that.


And thats the weathered mask! The weathering is at a point that I like it, so I am willing to call the mask done! However, I may add a belt to the back to keep it on my face if I decide to wear it (with no ears it may make glasses difficult. I also want to make a plaque and mount it like a trophy on my wall, but still be able to take it off and wear it, if the occasion permits.

Now for the fun part, what did I learn?

PATIENCE. There were at least 5 different mistakes that were caused becase I didnt want to slow down. Had I taken my time, the mask probably would have been done a week or two sooner.The left eye that I redid? Rushed it. The bad foread foam? Rushed it. Some of the Problems could have been fixed, some not.

The second thing I learned was to research. When the forehead didn't come out right, I knew i wanted to redo it the right way, but what way is the right way? The internet gave me plenty of suggestions, as well as the RPF. Hats off to those who know what theyre doing.

Finally, the biggest thing I learned was how much fun it could be to build something and have it. It is so rewarding just sitting here typing this up and having the mask sitting on my desk. It's so good.

As a first prop, I think I did okay. Is it perfect? No. The forehead still could be better. The whole right side of the mask looks better then the left structrually. Its chunky at places. Did I spend too much on this? Probably. Would it just have been cheaper to buy a resin cast and paint it? Yes. If I had the choice to do it over and buy the cast would I do it? Not on your life.

This is my mask. There are many like it, but this one is mine

P.S. I plan to keep updating the thread with information about my Trophy mount for it, as well as maybe making a hood for it, who knows what the future brings. Thanks for reading.

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I added some elastic to the back of the mask, so I can actually wear the mask instead of just holding it in front of my face. So here it is, the first mask selfie!

Its a great feeling wearing it. Next step is figuring out how to mount it on the wall elegantly. Maybe a cowl too.


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