My Simon Masrani mosquito in amber ring from Jurassic World

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Hey all, made by a friend of mine ( with a bit of help from yours truly :cool ) for my Jurassic collection. We largely followed the process of another prop-maker, who's video we found on YouTube, but instead of 3D printing the ring blank we sculpted it on a lathe, and instead of a real mosquito we used a photo-realistic image printed onto a decal transfer and embedded in the resin.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, it was supposed to be for display only but I can't help but wear it :lol

masrani ring montage.jpg

Cool Junk

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Thanks for the kind words :D If anyone reading this acquires any good photos of Benjamin Lockwood's cane from Fallen Kingdom I'd love to see them. I've grabbed all the stills from the trailers and these are the best two. The amber part of the cane contains inclusions that will be pretty hard to replicate I expect, and I've no idea what that bug is that's in there but it looks pretty big. The cane itself looks smooth, dark timber, with some textured detail towards the top and and a silver metal collar. We also know the cane gets dropped and smashed, so I hope that was a stunt double! :cry

lockwood cane 4.jpg lockwood cane 1.jpg

Cool Junk

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We won't be making any more of these rings but I tutorialised the process should anyone else want to make one for their Jurassic prop replica collection

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