My Set For Stun Trooper helmet project......


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I thought it was about time to finish or at least start my Mini SFS Trooper helmet.
I got this from the first run Carsten did a while back.

Anyhoo, I wasn't really happy that the helmet came filled with expanded foam as I wanted to make a mini replica with green flat lenses and a piece of star foam etc as per the original used helmets.

I managed to hollow out the foam then spent the afternoon today sanding the inside as it was quite thick resin and as I am cutting the eyes out I wanted it to be more like it was vac formed than cast.I also cut the teeth out which was a bit scary and I used a very small drill bit and a file.....

So without further ado here's where I'm at so far......






I still have a way to go yet and after priming I can see the bubbles that need to be filled better.....:D
I have been wanting to take the foam out of mine too but I was hesitant. It is such a cool little helmet. This will be fun to watch.
I just used a teaspoon to get the foam out. Then dremelled the inside with the flexible sanding wheel until I got it fair thin. Then I used a course engraving tool to take most of thd resin away from the eyes and a scalpel to get to the edges. Once I had the eyes cut more or less done I went back inside and took the thickness down further. It is easier to see what need taking out once the eyes are cut. It's quite hard to gauge until you can see how thick the resin is through the eyes.
I then used a micro drill bit on the teeth and very carefully drilled small holes wiggling the bit to break through to each hole creating a larger hole. Using a modellers file i made the holes more uniformed and sharpened them up with a scapel blade.
The main area of thickness is the faceplate. The back and cap are pretty much as you would expect a vac formed helmet to look.
Hats off to the caster as these are very nice castings. I'm thinking these were pressure cast as the inside is nice and smooth.

I still have a way to go and have already sharpened the teeth somewhat since taking these pics. It's a great way to lose a few hours and de stress from life in general.

I'm in the middle of decorating the whe apartment ready for the new addition to arrive so this was a welcomed break. :D
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