My Second project - At last it's begun :D

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    There will be one of two guys on here, who will remember i was messing around with making ST Padds out of card and styrene last year.

    After a lot of messing about, i gave up on styrene. I know lots of people use it and i truly wish i could master cutting the stuff. But I was forever snapping the Padds when trying to cut out the windows :-(

    In the end i tried card, applying layers of watered down PVA glue to add strength to the material. Sanding, filing card was even worse!!l Resulting in me donning a respirator while i was working on the padd. Eventually i managed to build one proto type. Which came out looking pretty good


    Since then i've been on a quest to find an better way to make them. Which made me turn to laser cutting. Here in the UK i've found most companies have either reacted to me enquiries like i'm pulling their leg or simply never replied to me. Finally i contact a fellow in the South of England. I was tired, convinced i was going to get no where with my endevours. Two/three days later i got a reply. The guy was totally buzzed that i'd contacted him, as a fellow trekkie he was all ear's. I'm guessing there's havent been many occasions where his trek interests and work have come together :lol

    Several weeks of emails and drawing up vectors and this landed at my door..The beginning of my final Padd project!! Up first the small Voyager Padds.


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