My second attemp: Moebius 1/8 scale EVA Pod (2001: A Space Odyssey)


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Thanks. Any pointers about how I can make the interior more accurate would be appreciated. I'm a fiend for accuracy, even if it means a build takes 5 years, as this 1/6th scale T2 Harley Fatboy did. Designed and printed new tires with accurate tread pattern, reworked exhaust system and a bunch of other stuff.


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The greebly box…they had glove boxes back then…incubators also have holes about that far apart…foreshadowing the Starchild?


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Decided to poke my nose down the rabbit hole and have started mapping out the interior. Basic paper prints of the layout drawn up using Rhino, with reference to Tom Reddie's work and of course screen shots. Either I photo-etch the panels or 3d print them. I'm going to need a high res printer for the decals.


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el toro

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Hey Folks!

Here’s my second Moebius 1/8 Scale 2001: A Space Odyssey EVA Pod.

I built my first one back in October for a good friend of mine, and now I have finally gotten around to building my own.

If you jump over to IMGUR, you can follow the full build process if the captions don't show in the embed.

If you just want to see the finished shots, I've posted them below.
View attachment 1306881
View attachment 1306882
View attachment 1306883
View attachment 1306884
View attachment 1306885
View attachment 1306886
View attachment 1306887
View attachment 1306888

I learned a lot on the first one, and while I feel like I did a lot of stuff better on this one, part of my wants ONE MORE chance to make it perfect. But not right now. First I need a break and to build something with tons of weathering. No more pure white finishes for me.

If you want to compare, you can find my first build here

After market parts include:
Paragrafix Photo Etch set
Paragrafix Button Decals
Paragrafix Screen Transparencies
Paragrapfix LED strips and connectors
Yay Monsters EVA pod vinyl light blockers
VoodooFX EVA pod light kit
Age of Plastic ( EVA Pod Cameras, Handwheel
Aztek Dummy EVA Pod Vinyl Mask set
A bit late here, but Beautiful work!


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it should! It looks amazing. I'm getting up the nerve to attempt mine and if it turns out even half as good as yours I'll be happy!

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