My Sankara Stones WIP

Been wanting to get a full set done for a while now.. I've made a few before but gave them out as gifts or PiF's.

Here is my set currently. Going to add a few washes, brown, black and red. Then a semi gloss. But I decided to make a base for them as well. Cut from foam board and going to be wrapped in plaster and painted to look like wet rock with some moss..

I figure if I make this thread it'll keep me motivated to finish them! :lol


And here is what they will look like after the washes and semi gloss,

Well, I forgot to take progress pics again, but here is the finished set.

What I didn't get pics of was the foam after I carved it into a more natural shape. Then wrapped it in plaster strips to harden it. For paint I just used that stone spray from Home Depot. It sprays out like glue with gunk in it, but gives a nice sandstone texture.

I had planned to paint it grey and make it look wet with glaze, but chickened out. :lol What doesn't come through in the photo's is the cracks I put into the stone paint. Just dragged a paintbrush handle through the wet paint to give it a beaten look. It looks good to me.

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