My Sandman costume and working flame gun!

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Bryancd, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Bryancd

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    Well, thanks to Rylo's amazing functional flame gun and e-bay seller cosplaystation who makes a basic but solid Sandman costume to size, I know have realized a dream 35 years in the making. I was 8 when "Logan's Run" hit theaters and I loved it. I read the film novelization a dozen or more times and always dreamed of being a Sandman. Back in the mid-70's, STAR TREK reruns, "planet of the Apes" movies, and "Logan's Run" introduced me to sic-fi and now I can play in that world where runners run, Carousel is a dream, and there is no Sanctuary!
    Full Sandman costume - YouTube
  2. theavengers2012

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    i thought it was the marvel comic sandman until i saw the video and it is awesome
  3. Bryancd

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    LOL! I never thought of that! This is the first time I have ever had a full and proper costume, it's fun!
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  4. FalcoX

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    Your videos are awesome! Thanks for sharing them. I am new to this forum but was fortunate enough to hear that a few flame guns were still available and just closed the deal on one with Rylo and cannot wait for it to get here in the next few months. The costume looks really good. I think I'll have to get one.

    Where did you get the holster? Is that the one Rylo does?
  5. Havok69

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    Looks great, and that flame gun is just too cool for words!
  6. Apollo

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    Looking good Bro!

    Always good to see another SandMan on the board! :thumbsup

    Lucky you, I, and Ry don't live close by as I would be chasing you and Ry down like dogs at the end of a marathon in full costume! :lol
  7. IFA

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    Sandmen doesn't wear wedding rings....LOL :behave
  8. enan

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    Looks great...the flame gun is AWESOME... I want one so badly...are you going to do the palm life clock...

  9. Captain Han Solo

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    Big Logan Fan here!
    Looks great Sir.
  10. Delmustator

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    Awesome video! As for the belt, you may could add some nylon webbing strap behind it with a simple plastic belt clip to support the weight of the DSFG.

    Nylon Webbing- Lowy Enterprises, Inc.

    I have a roll of 2 inch and it is really thin and really strong. Add a plastic slide release and click it on.

    I had the same issue with my Logan's Run outfit and the weight of the DSFG.
  11. Jaedena

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    Looks great! The gun is a very nice touch :)
  12. Damrod

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    Great costume!!! Love the weapon. Need some runners!!
  13. thomdave

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    Thanks for posting the link to your video--very cool! :cool

    I'm thinking about buying a Sandman costume from cosplaystation, and your review was very helpful.

    P.S. The Rylo working flamegun is "da bomb"! :D
  14. NCWildhorse

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    Now off to terminate those runners! Looks really cool. I was 10 when the movie came out and I can remember going to see it with my cousin.
  15. Wheatbee

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    I'd mentioned this elsewhere, but Bryancd was my inspiration in getting a Rylo made Flame Gun and a Sandman Uniform. Both are wonderful and I want to post some pics of them here, but I'd like to finish painting my holster and installing the internals to my Follower before I do so. I'm a huge Logan's Run fan and when I ran across Bryan's video online, it just blew my mind and I had to follow in his footsteps in order to realize the dream and have something to wear to Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this coming April, 2015. Bryan's excitement at getting a Rylo Flame Gun too, on youtube was hysterically brilliant and totally the same reaction when I got mine. Love these forums, too, you're all a great bunch of people! :)

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