My River Song communicator device

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Abbytates, Jul 17, 2015.

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    I'm very new to the forum (well I've lurked for a while) and this is the first project I'm posting, so, well, hi, I'm Abby!

    This is a piece of my River Song cosplay, as far as I can tell there aren't too many people who have made her handheld computer. I really wanted to make one for my cosplay, and I got the great idea (this is sarcasm, the idea made the whole thing a lot more difficult) to design it to house my phone!



    The body is basically a foam core sandwiched between two thin pieces of styrene, the sides (around the sandwiched foam) were filled with epoxy putty which I then filed into shape- the body has proved to be VERY strong. The faceplate also made out of the styrene.

    The paint job is admittedly not great, its the area I have the least experience in and the paint got a little funny in some areas. However, where I certainly could have removed the paint and given it another try, once I saw the interesting textures I really liked the character it gave the device, which isn't exactly supposed to look new and polished. So, you're welcome to hold it against me but I'm satisfied with the paint... which I screwed up.

    It is three pieces in all, I struggled for the duration of the project with how I would keep them together while making it easy to remove my phone. I eventually settled on magnets at the corners, and one at the top of the piece which covers the front camera. I couldn't be more pleased with how strong this solution has been (I'm certain I could drop it without the body coming apart, which is really all it needs to do,) and how easy it is to work with.

    The finishing touch was making the image for the screen, it was a very quick little project referencing some screencaps from Doctor Who, but it brought it all together!

    Here's a picture of the case open.

    In all, I know it isn't screen accurate. It obviously never would have been completely accurate while housing the phone, as I had to work around the phones dimensions. There were very few scenes that really showed this device, and I took liberties with a lot of the hardware. But really, I'm very proud of it! I learned a lot while making this, and I'm excited to continue making prop replicas in the future!
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    It looks really good. Your magnet idea to make it a phone case is awesome. Always wonderful to see another River Song out there.
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    Welcome to the RPF Abby. I like to say everyone has to start somewhere. and your off to a good start. and the learning part Is the biggest enjoyment for me.

    Keep on building...:thumbsup
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    Nice job . This prop is one of the most used in series 6&7and yet gets very little love :) I'm building one around a Raspberry Pi and a Touchscreen so I'll also be doing one that is not screen accurate but will be "functional". My personal opinion on the paint for all her equipment is that it looks like it's been on a lot of expeditions. The costume designers said they were going for a cross between Han Solo and Princess Leia for her look so as I'm slapping paint on my builds of her props I'm always thinking"Weather it like the Millennium Falcon" lol.
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    Thanks everyone!

    Thats so cool Julie, I hadn't heard that about the cross between Han and Leia, and I LOVE the idea of weathering it like the Millennium Falcon! I hope you post yours when its finished :)
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    Very cool! The magnets don't screw up your phone?

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    Hi Abby :thumbsup welcome to the RPF.Happy for you that lurking became crafting lol.Being a witness to fandom isn't bad,but being able to participate in it is even better.
    I'm not familiar with the prop or the movie/tv show it's from,but it looks good and I wish you the best of luck with your project(s) ! :popcorn enjoy the creative process
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    Nope! I looked into this quite a bit before making the decision, iPhones (and other modern electronics) aren't that susceptible to magnets anymore, extremely powerful ones can cause problems but these aren't that strong. I actually work with 90lb magnets for work too, and they sometimes come into contact with my phone and I have yet to have any issues. The most trouble I may have is that I have read the compass in the phone does function off magnetic north and it will make that feature unusable while my phone is in the case (so, basically no compass at comic con.)
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    Looks great! I love the magnet idea.
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