My Replica Jumanji Project


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This is a new thread so I can share my new Jumanji Game build.
I will post update pics every so often on my photobucket (Links Below).
I just got lifesize prints of the front and paths of the gameboard at CopyWorks for $.64 for 4 sheets of paper, 2 copies each. I got the prints from the link i have below, i cropped them and resized them to the measurements on the plans.:eek

Today i started on the inside of the board since i was able to use some extra wood i had laying around. I plan to lay the paths inside the board like they did to make the real one.
So, as of right now im drawing the inside paths and, using an Optium tape measure that has CM and INCHES, i carefully have been drawing the paths by hand.:wacko

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Also, better pics of the wood drawing will be up later, just did a quickie with the webcam.:lol


Update Photos: Pictures by jumanjifan112 - Photobucket

Plans Link : The website the plans were originally on has since been taken down. So, if you need them, I have a PDF file on my computer I could send you, just PM me or reply to this thread.
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so im going to be going on a trip for 5 days on friday, so wont be able to work on it, but when i get back i plan to get all the necessary tools and get crackin on this build.

I want to make the inner playing board 3-d. I drew and carved all the paths, i just want it to look raised like it does in the movie. How could i go about doing that without a chisel? Would a dremel tool work good for something like that?

any help on this is appreciated!
So while i was away on the trip i bought a rotary tool and when i got back yesterday, i shaved the board down a bit. And finished it today, i sanded it with light sandpaper to finish off some of the rough edges and what not. Still unsure about how I should do the leaves around the paths. A friend of mine volunteered to carve them for me, i think i should just paint them in. At first we though about gluing fake floral leaves to it but i didnt think it would work. Also on the trip i obtained two replacement "tokens" for the game board. I got an elephant and a lion. I found a place online that sells rhino ones by the same company.

As always, the pictures can be found at the link in the first post.
that looks amazing how did you raise the parts on the cover of the board lid ? and the detail in the game figure was amazing any pointers on these?
I drew out the front of the gameboard on an MDF board. I left out the smaller details to be added when i get the board cut later this afternoon.

pics are at the photobucket link!
okay, so i dremeled out the lettering and the main square area (like where the leaves and stuff are) and began carving out the zig zag pattern on the outer border. I thought about having one of the wood shop teachers do the circle portraits but i just decided that i would just do it myself.
Alrighty. Its been awhile. But ive managed to get a few things done.
Firstly, i finished one zig zag pattern on the front and will be starting on the other soon.
Secondly, i ordered a ring that goes around the middle dome from shapeways. I got the link from howlrunner and all together it cost $17... it was a fairly good price i think. I ordered it in the plastic white and not the metal because as you may have seen in howlrunners thread, it decreased the size if ordered in metal.

So next on my list is to get the front all nice and carved out and then hopefully start the box building.

Any questions, just ask.
Alright, for the past few hours i have been whittling away at the front of the board. doing the main graphics (leaves, and the volcano/mountains) and i think it turned out good. it does look a bit sloppy but i think once i get it all nice and painted it will look a whole lot better!

Pictures will be up, at the link in my first post, as soon as i can find the chord to my camera!
So, some work was done just now. I got the Circle portraits finished. On Saturday I will be cutting and putting together the box for the game. Pictures of the circles will be up soon on the link in the first post!
Has anyone ever sold a replica board yet?
always was wondered why nobody has tried it would sell .
I would love to acquire a replica .

Well, there have been a couple of random auctions on ebay with a more poorly made one. By poor i mean it looks like a few pieces of thin wood and some construction paper. They were selling it for like $1,500 and i was thinking, "No ones gonna buy that!"

If i see it up again ill post pictures from the auction.
I did see it also it looked like a paint by numbers .
He came WAY done I think it sold for like 300, I would not have paid anything for it . Yours looks amazing ! all you would have to do is make a mold and paint
and sell a few copies . I know I would be HAPPY to buy the first one.
1,500.00 Even for a nice one is way to high though maybe 2-300
would be a good selling point . At the price you would have a list a mile long.
Just be the cost of the resin and time painting .
But thats for a static model for a full Hero board you could fetch more.
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