My Replica Captain America M1 Helmet


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I know there have been a ton of Captain America post lately, but I just wanted to post a few pics of my recently completed M1 helmet. I know it isn't 100% movie accurate but I am happy with it for now. I need to do more weathering on it, but currently I am away from home. The dents in the helmet were there when I bought it years ago. There is a base coat of OD green under the blue so the scratches in the blue show the green underneath. I drew the wing design by hand and transferred it to tape on the helmet. The stand was made with the Cap flying disc that I picked up at Toys R Us and a wooden dowel painted silver. I did some minor weathering on the stand.

Any comments are welcome.



I don't think it does either. I just wanted to add a little something extra to it. The movie version also has a paratrooper liner which has the yokes for the leather chin strap.

Nope, just checked a few screencaps. No wings though I agree with you 100%, the wing detail is MUCH more interesting.
Bloody genius use of the flying disc. I picked one up in hopes that it flew as well as a real Frisbee. After I learned that it did not fly all that well, I decided to weather it just for the heck of it, and it's been sitting around since then. Now it might have finally found a purpose. Thanks for the idea!
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